It is a pity that a number of music bands to not go further than the garage in which the dreamer of the band practices. It is common to find talented individuals just practicing with their favorite instrument but they never actually get to the point of starting a band. Well, this is a guide to get that dream started.

1 -To start a music band, you will first of all need determination and commitment to the project. It is not going to be easy and if you do not have the determination, it will not be easy to go through the different steps. So first make sure you have the right attitude to see it through.

2 -Do research on how to start a music band. Reading articles like this will give you valuable tips but you can also talk to other people who have their own bands to give you pointers. Even the leader of a band playing in a local bar near your home can give you valuable information.

3- If you are not ready to be a one man show, it is best to carry out auditions to recruit band members who can play other instruments and do other things that you may not be able to. You may need to start off by listing down what you are looking for so that the process can be smooth.

4 -Once you have members to join your music band, it is a good idea to agree on the type of music you will be playing. Naturally, you may have different views so for a start you can try out different genres and then see which you are all good at and then go with that.

5- There can be no success without practicing so make it a point to practice over and over again. If you have the time, you can practice every day until you have complete mastery of your instruments as well as have a group synergy which will be important when you get to performing.

6- It is important that you have a number of songs to perform so getting a songwriter would be a good idea. It is best to start looking within the band and see if any of you or all of you can come up with compositions that you can perform. If not then you may need to hire a songwriter

7 -you should not wait to get to stage and then find out that your music band sucks, so arrange to have independent critics listen to your songs. You could do a recording and then play for different people or just arrange small performances and ask for honest feedback. At all times you should keep an open mind and be open to negative criticism because that will help you get better. Putting a video on youtube too can help.

8 -One of the hardest part of forming a music band is the promotion. You need to promote yourself any way you can. This will involve networking with people in the industry as well as just looking out for opportunities to perform like weddings, opening of bars as well as curtain raising for famous bands. Part of promoting your band includes having a look that attracts attention and also matches the kind of band you are. In short, you need to brand your band and that will help promote you.

These are the basic steps you can take to start a music band but you may realize along the way that there are other things you may need to do depending on the kind of band you are putting together. But always remember, no matter what the challenges are, just never give up.