My Name is Arthur J. Paul and I make an honest living working at a T-Shirt store as the operations manager. I am from NYC and I spend a lot of time in Manhattan where I gain inspiration for my true passion which is music.

Before I say anything more about my passion, I should mention that I am married to a lovely lady with a very warm heart. Jenney is a wedding agent and also a blogger and she has encouraged me to start up my own website where I can promote myself and my passion, music.

Jenny and I were married in June 2013 and I have saved that date on my phone calendar so that I can never forget our anniversary and so far I am doing well with that.

When I am not talking to customers about T-shirts and explaining to them why they cannot have a refund for a shirt they stained with coffee, I am playing my guitar. Playing the guitar is my hobby and one day I will be honored to play before thousands of people once I can get my band together.

One of my biggest influence in music are the Scally Cap Brats and I dream of putting together a punk rock band just like that where I will be the lead guitarist. Considering that my wife has not left me after hearing me play the guitar on many occasions, I think that should be a sign of how good I am or how patients she is, but also the neighbors have never come to complain that I am making noise so I must be on the right track.

I have had a few gigs in Manhattan night clubs and received a few invitations to join some rock bands but I am still set on forming my own punk rock band where I Arthur J. Paul can be the lead guitarist.