As music fans anticipate to be entertained by their favorite artists, already a number of tours have been organised to make sure that everything is in order. The tour will feature music super stars that are recognised worldwide for their nice songs and huge album sales. Revellers will be treated to the best stage performances that will forever remain embedded in their memory. We are talking about performances from artists like Justin Bieber, Mc Demarco, Promoter Martyr, Slash amd more. There will be super DJs on their decks to ensure that music booms and fans are thrown in ectasty. These are concerts that will blow the mind of any music lover. They will feature pop, rock, funk, blues, RnB and other music genres. Many people in different parts where concerts are scheduled to be conducted are prepared to attend. You don’t want to miss this.

Justin Bieberjb

Justin Bieber is one of the best artists in the world. His nice voice coupled with outstanding performance on stage has made many fans to like him. He is a big name in the music industry and commands a huge fan base. His concerts are usually attended by many people. He is scheduled to perform in a number of concerts in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Denver, Kansas City Atlanta and other parts of the world. His latest album,’’ Purpose’’ is doing quite well.


mdMac Demarco

Mac Demarco has some of the best live shows in the music industry. Many people enjoy watching him perform on stage. He will be performing in Wellington, Philadelphia, Portland, Vancouver and other areas. He does punk rock music and this makes him stand out from other artists.




Rose is a renown artist who will be playing the role of a guest vocalist in some of the best bands scheduled to hold their concerts in Europe this summer. His amazing voice accompanied by excellent playing of instruments will thrill many fans.


This group of artists is set to have an amazing tour in the coastal region of the United States. Among the states they will be performing is Washington. Their album,’’ The Agent Intellect’’ did extremely well last year. They will be performing some of the hit songs contained in the album. Some of the places they will be touring include Chicago, Brooklyn, Washington, Savannah, Miami, Dallas and Los Angeles in USA. They will also perform in London, Amsterdam, Munic, Rotterdam, Vienna and other major world cities.

vince_staplesVince Staples

This adorable artist is set to do a number of shows in different regions. He is young, strong and energetic. His performance on stage usually leaves fans wanting more. His shows are usually described as explosive. His Summertime’06 album did quite well in 2015. He will be perfoming some of the best songs in the album on his eagerly awaited tour. Vince Staples will be performing in Singapore, Rozelle, San Francisco, Omaha, Columbus, Indianapolis and other parts of the world.



Final Thought

In coclusion, the above are the biggest music tours and concert proposal ideas. The listed artists will be doing their thing on stage to entertain fans. The concerts will be big and explosive. They are a must attend if you are a music enthusiast.